How to unlock Huawei Airtel E8231

How to unlock Huawei Airtel E8231:

Airtel India has launched customized firmware E8231, and can not be unlocked without firmware change. When you will try with another SIM, then it will show 0 attempts left to enter, means you can’t enter any unlock / SIMLock code into the dongle.

Huawei Airtel E8231 unlock
Huawei Airtel E8231 unlock

Steps to unlock Huawei Airtel E8231:

  1. Switch any another network provider SIM card(insert simcard of any other network simcard.
  2. Connect device to PC/Laptop with its USB.
  3. It will automatically open default browser and ask you for SIMLock / unlock code.
  4. Enter the 8 digit correct unlock code and it will be unlocked.
  5. Now you can enjoy any network simcard that you wish to use.

You cannot unlock Huawei E8231 modem without changing the firmware, likely called as firmware upgrade or downgrade.

To change firmware of this device click here.

To get your free Huawei E8231 unlock code click here.