How to unlock Alcatel MW41

In this post i will show how to unlock Alcatel MW41. Indian mobile operators like vodafone, idea, and airtel use to release their carrier mobile hotspot devices often with different mfg’s like alcatel, huawei and zte. Recently these operators has released Alcatel MW41 Router which is locked to their network. But fortunately i found a way to unlock Alcatel MW41 Router. below are the steps to unlock Alcatel MW41 Router.

Alcatel MW41 Router Unlock


Steps to unlock Alcatel MW41 Router:

1. Charge your Alcatel MW41 Router atleast 50% to make the unlock process goes smooth

2. Change the default SIM card with any network provider SIM except default(if you have idea modem insert simcard other than idea cellular).

3. Connect the device to laptop / PC (recommended for smooth unlock of Alcatel MW41).

4. Wait for the device to open its login page or you can directly by opening the gateway ip directly

5.  Now Alcatel MW41 Router will ask for the unlock/NCK code.

6. Alcatel MW41 Router unlock / NCK code is 10 digit.

7. Trying unlocking Alcatel MW41 Router with wrong code may result in permanent lock.

8. single user unlock code is available at the price of 300INR or 5$ USD

First User to provide unlocking video is eligible for Alcatel MW41 Router free Unlock / NCK code.

Free codes for Alcatel MW41 Router – left 1


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