How to reset VMWare ESXi Trial

How to reset VMWare ESXi Trial:

How to reset VMWare ESXi Trial, Well this will be the biggest question when you come up in a test environment for your production. Most of the industries use to test any product if they want to implement live in production. Like wise VMWare ESXi is an platform that allows to share your physical devices to deploy different host machines.


Mostly, people looking for vmware ESXi trial reset is to deploy cisco prime tool to run around on the production network. Cisco prime likely managed by the network administrators of a production industry.

vmware esxi trial expired
vmware esxi trial expired

Steps to rest VMWare ESXi trial for ESXi5.1 or ESXi 5.5:

lets do this directly as you know what is VMWare and ESXi.

To reset your ESXi 5.1 or ESXi 5.5 60 day evaluation license:

Login to your ESXi server using ssh(putty or any ssh client you may know)

ssh login to esxi
ssh login to esxi

if you’re not able to login esxi using putty read here.

you have to remove two license files from the machine.

copy paste the following command and hit enter.(don’t break the command as it works like a program)

Your server will be rebooted automatically. This method will only work if you have standalone ESXi Server. If your server is connected to vCenter, i would suggest to remove ESXi from vCenter and do this operation to reset your ESXi server trial license.  Note that this will work only if you’re running ESXi 5.1 or ESXi 5.5.

vmware esxi trial reset
vmware esxi trial reset

Watch video here.

To reset trial of VMware ESXi 4.x you have to remove some files and  reboot the server.

Steps to reset VMware ESXi 4.x trial:

Login to your ESXi 4.x server using any SSH Client like putty or you can use WinSCP.

Enter the above commands one by one. After reboot your ESXi 4.x trial will be reset and you can enjoy 60days trial.

Note : This is only for educational purposes. if you want to try ESXi for additional period of time you can request VMware to extend the trial period. Using this method in a live production environment is not suggested as it is illegal and VMware may claim penalty for using their products illegal.

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