how to make windows 7 as genuine

We have crossed throughout many modem unlocking methods now we are providing the trick to change your trial version of windows 7 as geniune windows. So many were struggling in getting their geniune copy of Windows 7. Genuine windows 7 will help you to installa and use the software applications without any errors. just follow our simple steps to get your windows 7 genuine copy free.
Why do we need Genuine Windows 7 ?.
Loads of Windows 7 users have experienced the error message that “Windows 7 is not genuine”. 
This error message comes if you use pirated or OEM versions of Windows 7.
If windows 7 is not genuine, even you can’t change the background wallpaper or any other display related option on your PC.
make Windows 7 Genuine using Command Prompt

 How we can get that ?.

There are two options to get the genuine copy of Windows 7.

1. Buying from Microsoft ( Buy Windows 7 Genuine)
2. Or following our trick 

Choose the way you need.

If you wish to follow us then follow our simple steps :

1. Press start key
2. Type cmd
3. Right click and run it as administrator.(refer the below image)

4. now you will get command-prompt.
5. now type the following command exactly.
                                 SLMGR -REARM 

6. now wait for 5-10 seconds
7. then you will get the following screen

8.All done. now you got your windows 7 as genuine.

9. Just restart your pc. There after you dont get message that your windows copy is not genuine.

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